Product Summary

The RH5RE50AA-T1-F is a voltage regulator for middle output current. Its applications include Power source for battery-powered equipment, Power source for cameras, video instruments such as camcorders, VCRs, and hand- held communication equipment, Precision voltage references.


RH5RE50AA-T1-F absolute maximum ratings: (1)input voltage: 12V; (2)output voltage: -0.3 to VIN+0.3V; (3)Output current: 300mA; (4)power dissipation: 300mW; (5)operating temperature: -40 to 85℃; (6)storage temperature: -55 to 25℃; (7)lead temperature: 260℃.


RH5RE50AA-T1-F features: (1)ultra-low quiescent current; (2)ultra-low dropout voltage; (3)large output current; (4)low temperature-drift coefficient of output voltage; (5)broad operating voltage range; (6)excellent line regulation; (7)high accuracy output voltage; (8)output voltage.


RH5RE50AA-T1-F block diagram